New to Wigs?

Difference between closure and frontal. 

The difference between a closure and a frontal is that a closure is 4"x 4" big and a frontal is 13"x4". A frontal has lace across the entire hairline, while a closure only has lace 2 inches away from the part. Going in Each Direction. This is a photo of a closure & a frontal. 

What measurements will i need?

You will need 6 measurements to get a wig made and receive the perfect fit. All custom units are made using the measurements provided. You will need a tap measure. The measurements you will need is 1. Circumference. 2. Front to Nape. 3. Ear to Ear (forehead) 4. Ear to Ear (over top) 5.Temple to Temple. 6. Nape of Neck

Should I get a closure of frontal wig?

If you are new to lace, never worn a frontal, or simply low maintenance, you should purchase a closure wig. All closure units are glueless and very low maintenance. If you want to be able to pull all of your hair off of your face, part your hair in multiple ways, and don't mind maintenance, you should go with a frontal wig. 

How long do wigs last?

Wigs has a life expectancy of 6 months-3 years. The determining factors of how long your wig last is based on maintenance (how well you take care of it), how often it is worn, and if you process (color) the hair. You can extend the life of custom units by replacing the lace (frontal/closure). The lace will get old before the actual hair.